Who we are

Riptide Crypto was founded by a group of traders who were tired of trading day in and day out, watching charts to no end hoping to get that golden trade.

We came together with an idea, a concept that evolved from using depth charts to predict market movements, which evolved and grew with our community. Finally after 3 years of hard work and endless failures, Riptide Crypto managed to create a system that works. Its not about catching every top or every bottom, it simply hopes to equip you with the tools to see above market volatility and become a consistently profitable.

Come join us and take your time back.


Our Mission – to help individuals, institutions, businesses and communities achieve security, build wealth and realize their dreams, supported by state-of-the-art technologies. Flexibility, whenever possible, to accommodate the unique needs of each customer.


Our vision is to create a vibrant community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a focus on disciplined and consistent gains in trading, while promoting the use of cryptocurrency through our own initiatives as well.


We value those who share our community. A full 20% percent of proceeds from every contribution will go back to those who grow our community. We value personal growth and skill. We value sharing with the community wealth in a transparent way.